Investing with Agriland Capital Management

Agriland Capital Management has been built client by client. Not all farmland investors have the same portfolio that requires the same farmland fund.

Our investment philosophy is to identify the portfolio need of the client and place them in the correct structure with the correct property diversification. We offer individually managed accounts to meet specific client needs

Fund Considerations



We typically look for a minimum investment time period of 10 years.



Does the investor need additional diversification or a “stand alone” product?


Fees & Carried Interest

Are the fund managers delivering?

Property Considerations




After the fund structure, term, and investment amount have been agreed upon, Agriland Capital Management uses multiple industry resources to determine the correct property to achieve the investment goal.



Is the property located in an area with market accessibility? Are there any environmental concerns due to wet lands or watersheds?


Soil Types

What is the yield history for crops produced on the property? What are the current fertility levels? What percent of the farm is tillable?


Value Add

What opportunities exist to improve the property and in turn improve return? Drainage tile, irrigation, conservation programs, and renewable energy projects are all examples to be considered.

Continued Management

Continued management of the farm is crucial in extracting the highest return possible. Government programs, commodity prices, and new technology must be constantly considered and managed.

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