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Dale DeLoye

Dale DeLoye

Over the last 25 years Dale DeLoye, CPA has been involved in public accounting, farmland investing and farm operations.
After graduating from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, Dale stated his career in public accounting with a firm located in Dayton, OH. In 2006, he founded DeLoye & Company, LLC, a full-service public accounting firm located near Ft. Loramie, Ohio. His firm provides tax, consulting and financial reporting services for small business and their individual owners. The firm’s client base encompasses a broad spectrum of business types from manufacturing thru recycling ventures and located throughout the United States, and abroad.

During 2002, Dale visited the Texas Panhandle region with a client who was looking to invest in farmland. With his help, the investor purchased a farm there and engaged Dale to help with management of the property. Since then, Dale has helped various investors purchase, manage and sell over 10,000 acres of farmland in the region. Those investments have yielded attractive double-digit returns.
He is the fourth generation to manage the Western Ohio row crop farm operation where he grew up. In his youth, Dale helped to care for the family’s herd of Holstein dairy cows. Early morning chores and milking of the cows before school, and then again after returning home, has given him a strong work ethic. The cows were sold to another dairy in 1997. The operation now raises corn and soybeans on the land.
Dale’s lifelong devotion to agriculture and breadth of experience in the business sector gives him a unique prospective on the value of farmland ownership.


Tony Rohrs

Tony Rohrs

Anthony (Tony) Rohrs – Co-Founder, Principal
For the last 29 years, Tony Rohrs has worked in the agricultural industry specializing in farm operations, farmland investing, and commodities trading.

After receiving his degree from Owens College in business management, Tony launched a greenhouse transplant business which grew to produce over 20 million plants annually. This business was successfully exited in 2016. Concurrently, the Rohrs family farm operation in northwest Ohio grew to encompass more than 6,000 acres of row crop production.
Tony is responsible for the farmland investing of family wealth. He purchased his first property at an early age and has grown farmland assets under management to a valuation that exceeds $50 million. These properties have also undergone constant improvements to increase production and appreciation. One of the properties in the portfolio was originally purchased by Tony’s Great, Great, Great, Grandfather John H. Rohrs in 1880, making the Rohrs farming operation currently in its sixth generation.

In connection with direct ownership and operation of farmland, commodity fluctuations are a constant risk. Tony is a registered Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) with a Series 3 and Series 30 designation. He is a member of the Chicago Board of Trade and has developed farm hedging software, Hedge Calc©, that tracks a farm operation’s hedging activity. Deep fundamental knowledge of agricultural commodities, along with a technical trading background, have given Tony a commanding edge managing his own agricultural operations and those of numerous clients.


Expert Property Assessment

Since 2002, the Fund Managers have helped their clients manage large investments in 11,500+ acres of row crop farmland in the Texas Panhandle region. The closed portions of these farmland investments attained a cumulative IRR of 12% with final NAV exceeding $37 million.


The Fund Managers currently manage 7,000 acres of row crop farmland in Texas and Ohio, for clients, and as part of their own farming operations with current NAV exceeding $55 million.